Frequently Asked Questions

A walk-in bath is a bathtub with a door that allows for easy entry and exit. It is ideal for those wanting to remain in their home or are living with physical limitations.

The door of the walk-in bath has a watertight seal which ensures that when door is closed, the bath can be filled without any water escaping. When you are done bathing, the bath is drained with the door closed. Once fully drained, the door can then be used to exit the bath.

Yes, Bathrooms and kitchens are the highest risk areas in a home due to the high likelihood of slips and falls. A walk-in bath allows for a simple transfer in and out of the bath because of its door and seat. This means that there is no longer a need for climbing over the bathtub as required with a traditional bath.

Yes, many people use a walk-in bath as a sit-down and as well as a bath. If used for multiple family members, the walk-in bath can act as an enclosed shower for those who do not require the seat.

No, walk-in baths are not the same size as a traditional bath due to its function. Compared to a normal lay-down bath, a walk-in bath is built differently and therefore is not as long but have higher walls.

It typically takes 5-7 minutes to fill our walk-in bath. All our baths come with high-flow (WaterMark compliant) tapware, which means at average the bath fills roughly 30 litres per minute. As a reference, your kitchen tap is allowed to only produce 7.5 or 9 litres per minute.

We have three different models of walk-in baths that are all different sizes. Our small Compact model is able to fit into a standard shower space which is 900mm long by 700mm wide. Our medium sized Access model is 1320mm long by 730mm wide and our large Independent model is 1520mm long by 795mm wide.

The Compact (small) model holds roughly 160 litres, the Access (medium) model holds about 300 litres and the Independent (large) model holds about 360 litres when empty.

All our baths have an overflow mechanism built in, so if the walk-in bath is overfilled or the tap is left running, water will not flood the bathroom. The extra water will simply go down the drain.

Yes, all our models are available with and without the hydrotherapy spa system. Our spa system is air-based and each jet has 7 smaller openings on its side rather than the jets having one central opening. By doing this we do not put the air pressure directly on the skin of the person in the bath which avoids the risk of bruising sensitive skin.

There are a number of benefits due to the combination of hydrotherapy and warm water:

  • Relief of pain and stiffness
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved blood flow
  • Great for management of arthritis (note: you can use Epsom salt in our baths)
  • General muscle relaxation (sets you up for a good night sleep and a great day ahead)
  • And more

No, but there are a couple of simple solutions to avoid this if it might be an issue for you. If you have a bath with the air-based hydrotherapy spa system, the spa system produces warm air (about 33-34 degrees C) which can be turned on before and during the filling of the bath, warming the bath itself. During your bath, you can also stay warm by adding warmer water from the taps. Any colder excess water in the bath will disappear through the overflow of the bath to the drain. Both these options will allow you to have a good extended soak in the bath. In really cold areas or during cold seasons we also suggest adding a simple heat lamp to the bathroom to assist this.

There are 3 costs you need to keep in mind when looking at purchasing a walk-in bath:

  1. The cost of the bath itself. At the bottom of each product page, you will our prices and the options available for each bath in our range
  2. The transport cost. This is postcode dependent so please let us know what your postcode is when enquiring. You can also arrange your own transport or you can collect the bath from us in your own ute or trailer if you wish. Just remember your transport needs to handle the bath with packaging and pallet.
  3. The installation cost. This will be job dependent and we suggest you talk to your local plumber. We do have various plumbers around the country that have done installations before which we can recommend.

Yes, we are able to sell walk-in baths that are funded through the NDIS and have done so in the past. However, not all requests for NDIS funding are approved. While the normal NDIS criteria still applies, please contact us so we can share our experiences as this may be of help to you.

Yes, we are able to sell walk-in baths that are funded through MyAgedCare and have done so in the past. Your assessment will be key and your case manager will be your key person, however, please contact us so we can share our experiences as this may be of help to you.

Yes, you can easily use a wheelchair with our Access (medium) and Independent (large) models. Our Compact (small) model is unfortunately not wheelchair friendly due to the direction of the seat and the door.

Yes, the walk-in bath is designed so when the bath is fill, the door can be opened in emergency situations. This means that carers can access the person quickly and provide any assistance needed. However, while it will flood the bathroom, we believe getting to your loved one when they need help is more important.

Yes, however we strongly suggest you only use the services of licenced plumbers (and for the spa system a licenced electrician). There are various mandatory standards in Australia that are there for your safety and we see little point reducing your bathroom fall/slip risks with a walk-in bath but then have an unsafe installation. We suggest you discuss this with a local plumber but we do have a network of plumbers around the country that have installation experience and would be happy to provide you with their details.

The price for the installation of a walk-in bath is different for each bath as pricing is job by job depended. However, for a baseline idea, we have seen simple installations for about $1000 to complete bathroom renovations.

The walk-in bath will be delivered by truck. Where we can, we use a tail lift truck for the delivery to easily get the bath unloaded once it arrives. Where this is not available, we will work with you to find a solution for you.

No, they will not as their insurance will not let them. Bringing the bath into the home is part of the job of the installer. The truck driver will deliver the bath at ground level only into a garage or car port.

Yes, we have a number of demonstration units around the country where you can see and try out the walk-in bath. Please contact us and let us know where you live so we can tell you where the closest demonstration unit is.

Any questions we did not cover?

Please email us at or fill in the form below, and we will assist you as much as we can.